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At DaVinci Performance you will find the very best in the world of carburetor modification. Our aim is to lead the industry in the research and development of fuel induction systems for products that exhibit maximum horsepower, engine efficiency, and environmental viability. Our engineers will work with you one-on-one to meet your specific needs with custom modified carburetors and accessories. Our promise to you is an out-of-the-box carburetor that will need minimal tuning and will be designed for your engine specifications. DaVinci Performance guarantees that your engine will start with the turn of a key.

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Magna FuelDaVinci Performance Carburetors sells Magna fuel products. Launched in 1995, MagnaFuel designs and manufactures long-lasting, high performance fuel systems for everything from trucks and boats to street and professional racers. MagnaFuel delivers high-end, race-proven performance. The company tests every fuel pump and regulator for pressure and volume to ensure that when you install MagnaFuel, you’re getting the very best in the business.

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